Wicked Edge / Vacuum Base Modification

WEPS on Vacuum Base

WEPS on Vacuum Base

My WEPS arrived this week and I went to modding it immediately. I wanted a lighter, more portable mounting platform that allowed me to lock the WEPS sharpener into just about any position.

I decided to install it on a vaccuum base.  Bessey Tools makes such a base / vise and I was able to pick one up at Lowes Home Improvement for less than $25.  It’s a good quality device too.

Mounting Hardware

Parts to attach the WEPS to the base were minimal… 1/4″ aluminum mounting plate,6 screws, 8 nuts, and a variety of washers.

My plans are available for free for anyone else that would like to make this setup themselves.  Non-DIYers can still can have the mounting hardware sent to them for $25 (US shipping included).  Just send me an e-mail.

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